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An SR-22 Bond is a minimum limit liability insurance policy that covers only the person named on the policty. Some people call it "high risk insurance" and it can cost significantly more than conventional insurance. This is where we come. We work to reduce that cost to the lowest possible amount for you. The policy will pay, up to the limits of liability, for damages and personal injury to the other party in case of an accident. Unlike comprehensive insurance, it will not pay for damages to your auto.

An SR-22 Bond must be filed with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The individual must contact an insurance agency, apply for the SR-22 and pay the agency the required amount. The agency will file the SR-22 with the Bureau on behalf of the individual.

Even if one lives in or moves to a different state they must still file the SR-22 if their Ohio suspension requires an SR-22 policy. The coverage must be an Ohio SR-22 obtained from an insurance complany licensed to do business in Ohio and can assist with the proper filing of the bond.

If filed electronically the processing can often be done in one day while paper copies can take up to 72 hours of receipt and possibly as many as 5 days.

Personalized service

1st Choice Insurance of Fairfield and Cincinnati is a friendly, family owned business that believes that the best way to ensure the perfect level of protection is to personalize our policies. We get you the insurance that's right for you by assessing your risk exposure, and tailoring our policies to match your individual situation. Never pay more in premiums and insurance claims than you should. Find out more today.
SR-22 Bond

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There's no point in having an insurance policy if it's unreliable. With insurance from 1st Choice Insurance, you can relax knowing that you're completely covered. We ensure our policy holders that they won’t encounter any unwelcome surprises. For reliable insurance claims in Ohio, take out a policy with us. We'll make sure you're protected.
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