SR-22 FAQ's

Some frequently asked questions about SR-22's

What does SR-22 mean?
SR-22 is an insurance form needed to reinstate your license after it has been suspended.

Who needs an SR-22?
If you have had your license suspended you will probably need one. You MUST provide an SR-22 certificate to get your license back.

Why can't I get "regular" insurance like I had before?
Your license was suspended and you are required to provide special documentation to prove that you do have insurance. That's what an SR-22 is. This can only be obtained from certain insurance companies who are qualified to issue you an SR-22. 1st Choice Insurance is one of those companies that can handle SR-22.

What is the easiest way to get my license back?
Come visit us at 1st Choice Insurance and provide us with the information that we will need. From there, we can handle all the details to get your SR-22. You must be eligible to get your license back. If it has been suspended and your suspension time is not up we can not provide you with an SR-22. You can check with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to ask about the date you will be eligible to get your license back.

How much does it cost to get an SR-22 and auto insurance?
Like any kind of insurance, this depends on your overall driving record. Those with more violations and DUI charges will pay more each month. 1st Choice Insurance will shop for the very best value for your auto insurance coverage and SR-22 bonds. We try our best to keep those monthly rates down.
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